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57 Greene St. Cumberland, MD 21502

Our office has moved!

to 57 Greene Street

All the details........

  • After purchasing the new building on October 25th, Dr. Lasher and her husband have been working hard to create a beautiful space for you! We open Monday, December 17th at the new location! The office phone number will remain the same (301-722-6688) for your convenience.
  • The new office is located in the Greene Street Historic District near George Washington's headquarters across from Pharmacare and Cumberland Optical. Parking is available to the right of Pharmacare. There is also on-street parking on Greene Street directly in front of Cumberland Optical.
  • The building was previously the office of Dr. Michael Granet (periodontist) who recently retired. (His hygienist, Jordan, works with us now by the way...) It was built in 1920 and is a red brick duplex (55 and 57 Greene Street) that has been reconfigured as one building interiorly.
  • We discovered some interesting things in the basement including old bottles and a set of street car rails.
  • I would like to thank all the wonderful people who made this unplanned, last-minute adventure possible: my loving husband Dan Lasher,my son Max Phillips, Jim and Roberta Struntz (aka "Grammie and Pop"), Ted Nee, Dr. Michael Granet, Rob Alderson, Gina Hamm, Jimmy Bone (J & R contracting), Tommy Inge, Charles and Alvin (aka "Benco dental guys"), "Matt" from the Maryland Department of the Environment, Jeff Hunter, Alan Cuppett , Bo and Rhonda Raynor, Dave Riddle Sr , Jim Struntz, Jr, Dennis Bernard, all the people who work at Lowe's :)  and especially my fabulous staff.

Yes, we take the new county dental insurance.

Need an appointment before work? We're here at 7:30 and we have coffee!

Who are We?

The short answer...

We are a general and cosmetic dental office that provides care to patients of all ages. We are located in Cumberland at 418 North Mechanic Street.

The long answer...

Dr. Lasher has been in  practice for 22 years. Prior to her dental career , she was a pediatric critical care nurse. She is a graduate of Bishop Walsh High School, Johns Hopkins University and The University of Alabama School of Dentistry.  In June of 2015, she was inducted as a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry. She is proud to be the official cosmetic dentist to the Miss Maryland pageant as well as a peer reviewer for the Journal "General Dentistry". She is happy to be involved in her local community including serving on the ethics panel for the board of education. In July of 2017, she and her husband were privileged to travel to Guatemala to set-up and volunteer in a dental clinic and to experience the culture.   Dr. Lasher resides in her hometown of Cumberland with her husband Dan. Her son Max just completed his junior year of college. 

  Dr. Lasher is the only dentist at the office so you can be assured that you will always see the same doctor at every appointment. Her staff includes three hygienists: Theresa DeWitt, Heather Tringler and Jordan May. You will see the same hygienist each time you come for an appointment.

Our Hygienists

left to right: Heather, Jordan and Theresa

We are a family dental practice

     We offer general and cosmetic dental care for the entire family as well as facial esthetic procedures. Our staff is committed to providing personalized, professional care in a family-friendly environment. Appointments may be arranged by contacting Linda or Leah at 301-722-6688. Generally, your first appointment will be scheduled for a cleaning, digital x-rays, and exam so that we may plan your treatment more efficiently.  However, if you have a dental problem, we can schedule you to address that first. 

     We provide general dental care including white fillings, crowns and bridges, preventative care, digital xrays, pediatric dental care, root canals, extractions, partials, implants, denture repairs, bleaching, periodontal treatment, frenectomies, Botox, laser treatment of mouth ulcers , limited orthodontics and veneers.

Love your Dental office!

We care for the whole family.

What's new at In Town Dental?

   Watch a movie during your appointment with bluetooth headphones....No more "dental noise". (Oh, and we also have a new logo! Check it out in the circle above.)

Relaxed environment

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